Skiing holidays with children. The Haus 10 commandments …

Skiing holidays with children. The Haus 10 commandments …

Are you ready? Winter 15/16 is nearly upon us and renovations continue apace here at Haus Wasserbauer. We have been busy working on the new bathroom and renovated bedroom for Apartment Maier (hopefully we will be able to put the new floor in this week!) and the plumbing is in … we will keep you posted with regards to how we get on.

Just a quick note on the planning of your next family ski holiday! If you’re looking to get something booked then remember  the ten commandments of skiing with children.

  1. Don’t try to teach them yourself. It never goes well. Ski school courses of designed to help children enjoy learning to ski and have fun at the same time
  2. Don’t push them too hard. Children need some time to get themselves in to the skiing mindset
  3. Let them enjoy themselves. No fear and loves jumping, just wants to go fast are words that all parents say! They will be doing things that we would never consider, there will be the odd crash here and there (but hopefully nothing serious) and of course there will be times when you will need to reign them in a bit …
  4. A good breakfast will make all the difference.  Get the little ones fired up for the day with a bowl of porridge or something similar, it will ensure they remain in a better mood for the whole day
  5. Have at least 2 pairs of gloves on hand and wrap up warm.  Cold hands often occur from damp fingertip ends and a low core body temperature. Make sure you warm them up warm and change gloves each day to allow them to be totally dry!
  6. Make sure they have dry boots! Don’t forget to hang those boots up on the boot dryer (in the Haus Wasserbauer games room) and them in the morning you will know that you will have cosy toes.
  7. Have some treats on hand. Motivation and reward go hand in hand. Remember to motivate!
  8. Late nights are good for apres ski, but not for little ones.  Limit the late nights if possible, you might be having fun, but the kids will suffer in the morning.
  9. Go for goggles not glasses. Goggles are better for children as they don’t tend to slide off their heads making them more comfortable and easier for them to adjust alone.
  10. Spend some time skiing with them.  Don’t forget to let them show off their new ski skills with you. This is the highlight of a ski week for most children.

We hope you enjoy, Duncan and Vikki

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Haus wasserbauer is located in Mühlbach am Hochkönig at the foot of the Austrian Alps.Hiking, Biking and trail running in summer and skiing, snowboading and winter are all possible.