Human Cluedo, Conditions and the Haus do’s and don’ts

Human Cluedo, Conditions and the Haus do’s and don’ts


The last ten days or so at the Haus have been somewhat bonkers with a game of Human Cluedo being played out, snow, some rain and then some snow again and many a friend of the Haus dropping in for a much deserved ski break.  All in all it has been busy as always, but with some very funny moments which help to lighten any periods of darkness throughout the winter months!

So then what exactly is human cluedo …up on returning from a day on the slopes, V exclaimed, I have won! “I killed him in the ski shop with a tissue” … intrigued we asked more.  Human Cluedo is a real time mock up of the popular board game where you bump off your compatriots using household objects in pre defined locations. The game requires a bunch of people (hopefully friends) to be staying in the same place for about a week.  At the start of their week they each pick a name, place and murder weapon from a hat, returning their own name should they pick themselves … once the game is on, trust no-one or before you know it, your time will have come with an orange in the local apres ski bar.  The aim of the game is to take out your opponents before they get you (you take on their murder should you take them out!)  … it definatley adds a little something to your standard holiday week and as the game continues you end up not wishing to accept / take / pick up anything from anyone in your party as it could signal the end of the game for you ! You have been warned … enjoy.


It has been a mixed few days across the European Alps, the end of last week saw some great conditions with fresh snow and cold temps and the pistes were in fantastic condition, this was followed by some beautiful blue bird weather and all was looking good. The start of this week however has seen some slightly frustrating weather patterns, with snowfall all day yesterday, followed by light rain and high winds today.  The good news is that the pistes remain in good condition and we have a further 30cms of snow due one the next few days, meaning that normal service will be resumed before we know it.

The Haus Do’s and Don’ts.

A ski holiday can be a bit stressful at times. Lots of things to remember, must look good, don’t want to forget your lip balm and hold up the whole group, so if your a newby (or a seasoned pro for that matter)  here are the Haus’s do’s and dont’s to making the most of your holiday.


  • Walk like you spent the night doing something that you shouldn’t have. The “wide stride” is not cool, practice walking in your boots before you head up to the lift on the first day.
  • Have a gap between your helmet and your goggles. The T*at Gap, is not cool and more importantly will lead to a cold head and poor vision as your goggles push in all the wrong places.
  • Have your ski pants sitting above the top of your boots. Its not a fashion statement. Not cool. Enough said ..
  • Have so much with you each time you open a pocket the world falls out. Your skiing, not striding up the Kings Road. Be suitably prepared for what your are doing of course, but lots of extra stuff just in case .. not needed.
  • Wear a onesie to ski in, unless its a powder day or fancy dress is called for.
  • Ask other people to take your stuff with them. If you can’t be bothered to take that extra pullover just in case, then don’t expect anyone else too.


  • Be polite. Holidays are so much better when everyone is friendly, even if the lift queue is not.
  • Take ski lessons from the local ski school. It will make your holiday and everyone around you a more enjoyable experience.
  • Get some decent kit. Buy, beg or borrow. It will pay off in the end, skiing in rubbish gear, makes your whole experience rubbish.
  • Spend some time getting boots rental or buy. Poor fitting boots make or break your ski holiday.
  • Exercise before your arrive. Turning up for a ski holiday when you have done nothing but watched TV for the last 10 years wont help your ability.
  • Enjoy yourself! It’s a holiday. Chill and relax even if everything is not to your liking.
  • Embrace the culture of where you are. The mountains are an amazing place to spend your time, soak it up.

We are sure there are loads more of recommendations which people might have! We look forward to hearing them from you in due course.

Thats it from the Haus blog for this week, more updates to follow in the next ten days including Fasching Fun, updates on the slopes and the Haus guide to holidaying in the alps in summer. Until then …

Duncan and Vikki

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