Where is the best Apres Ski in the Alps? (there is of course only one answer!)

Where is the best Apres Ski in the Alps? (there is of course only one answer!)

Welcome back to the Haus Blog. This week we tackle the tricky question of apres ski and give you an update on current conditions here in the Hochkönig ….

Apres ski

Here at the Haus we love a bit of apres ski and having skied in many of Europe’s ‘named’ ski resorts, in our humble opinion there is nowhere better than the Austrian Alps. Ok the music is not to everyone taste (see the list below!), the shots can be savage and the smoking inside bars drives you nuts (although it is eventually, thank goodness, about to be banned for good in May 2018!). Take all that aside, if you like a party and have enough energy after your ski day to keep on going, then nowhere compares to the Austrian Alps. The exciting mix of Europop, friendly staff and relatively low prices (a beer here in the Hochkönig costs just €3.80 on the mountain!) makes for a fun time.  If you want some recommendations of where to party here in the Hochkönig then we would suggest a tour down the mountain taking in the Tieregarten Alm, then the Zapferl Alm, then the Scheppal Alm finishing at the Mesnerhaus for a pizza and flying Hirsch (just remember to take a head torch, some cash and enjoy yourself!)

Below, just to wet your appetite we have listed our top 10 Apres Ski hits for this year, let us know what you think! (it goes without saying some of the lyrics are not suitable for children !! You have been warned) you might even like them !

Die Immer Lacht : Stereoact

Hoch die Hände, Wochenende : Hans Entertainment

Hulapalu : Andreas Gabalier

Geiles Leben : Glasperlenspiel

Die Nacht von Freitag auf Montag : Peter Wackel

Radler ist kein Alkohol : Rick Arena mit DJ Düse

Biste braun, kriegste Fraun : Mickie Krause

Astronaut : Andreas Bourani

Geh mal Bier hol’n : Mickie Krause

Die pure lust am leben : Geier Sturzflug

Current Conditions

Conditions on the slopes are excellent at the moment, we are 100% open and are forecast a little more snow tomorrow and at the weekend (hopefully!). The Haus top tip is to get out early – on the 8.32 bus (our lifts open here at 8.30 am!), and you can be at the top of the Karbachalm lift in no time enjoying perfectly prepared and quiet pistes – what a way to start the day!  Spring is definitely here, so it’s lunches in the sunshine.  

About the author

Haus wasserbauer is located in Mühlbach am Hochkönig at the foot of the Austrian Alps.Hiking, Biking and trail running in summer and skiing, snowboading and winter are all possible.